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Artificial Intelligence Audiovisual Lab

Knowing, understanding, working with Artificial Intelligences.
We explore new forms of metacreation and innovative methodologies for audiovisual production.

The introductory course of "Artificial Intelligence for the audiovisual" restarts on March 12th with the Sentieri Selvaggi Film School and SophIA, this time with 2 advanced masterclasses: 1) Advanced image generation techniques 2) Advanced post-production techniques with AI

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Audio Visual and AI

Italian video gallery

Have you created and published an audiovisual work online in which you used Artificial Intelligence?
Help us create a gallery of Italian experimentations. Fill out the form presenting your work.
SophIA will evaluate it together with Vincenzo Cosenza, tech expert and passionate generative AI experimenter.

Amerigo, your virtual location manager

Create your production with 13,000+ locations throughout Italy.

We experiment and develop software and AI algorithms specific for the needs of pre-production, post-production and distribution.


  • Film co-writing & analysis
  • Location scouting & casting
  • Concept art, moodboard & storyboard


  • Asset generation & augmentation
  • AI assisted VFX (depth maps, de-aging)


  • Film/Audience matchmaking
  • Film/Festival matchmaking
  • Market analysis


Use of the main conversational AIs (ChatGPT, Bard, Bing, Claude, Dall-E, Midjourney). Prompt engineering techniques. Post-production tools (FlowFrames, RunwayML).


Learning to know. Knowing to use. Introductory course on the use of Artificial Intelligence in cinema and audiovisuals. History, functioning, tools. Case Studies.


Custom advice for the use of AI tools and techniques in the creation, production and distribution of an audiovisual project (films, short films, documentaries, series, video clips).